Organize Your Junk Drawer

Have you been looking for a budget-friendly way to organize that pesky junk drawer in your home? Instead of heading to the store and spending money on organizers, take a look around your home first. Do you have any old egg cartons waiting to be recycled? Small jars, bowls, or lid-less Tupperware waiting to be […]

Welcome to NWA!

Hi there! Welcome to Northwest Arkansas! My name is Summer Guernsey, and I have had the pleasure of living in the NWA area for a little over 2 years. Similar to most, I moved here for my job, and yes, my job involves working with Walmart… but Walmart isn’t all that NWA has to offer […]

Instead of sitting on a bus, I’m running!!!

We move from Boston on a one year contract… and four years later we’re still here. I had never heard of Northwest Arkansas and certainly never planned to visit prior to a work opportunity. My husband and I decided to go for it, and the rest is history. Having spent our adult lives in cities […]