Welcome to NWA!

Hi there! Welcome to Northwest Arkansas! My name is Summer Guernsey, and I have had the pleasure of living in the NWA area for a little over 2 years. Similar to most, I moved here for my job, and yes, my job involves working with Walmart… but Walmart isn’t all that NWA has to offer – there is so much more. When I moved here, I didn’t know a soul and it was the scariest thing I had ever done in my whole life, but my boss said to me “You move here kicking and screaming, and you’ll leave kicking and screaming”. At the time, I thought I had made the biggest mistake moving from Atlanta to the small city of Rogers, Arkansas, but 2 years later, I couldn’t agree with my boss more. To give you a little taste of what NWA has to offer and a small glimpse into my life, I have laid out my favorite things to do in the area!

  1. FOOD – especially Brunch! ???? My girlfriends and I absolutely love going to brunch on the weekends, and we have found our “regular spots”
    1. Louise at Thaden Field: Louise is such a cute spot! Louise is located at Thaden Field. The unique thing about Louise is that you can watch planes takes off from the field. The restaurant has a very homey feel with amazing food! https://www.louise.cafe/
    2. Mirabella’s Table: If you are like me and love to eat, this is the place for you! Mirabella’s offers an unlimited brunch for an amazing price! The buffet menu features an array of breakfast and lunch items. You are guaranteed to leave full and happy when you eat here for brunch! http://mirabellastable.com/
    3. Pressroom: Pressroom is in the heart of DT Bentonville. If you are looking for a trendy restaurant with amazing food and drinks, this is the place for you! The avocado toast is my absolute fave! http://www.eatatpressroom.com/
  2. Walmart AMP – I absolutely love music and the Walmart AMP gives everyone living in NWA easy access to great music at a great venue! There are so many talented and widely known artists that come to the Walmart AMP and the tickets won’t break the bank! Here’s a little secret: if you want a good deal on tickets, always look on Groupon!
  3. Crystal Bridges – Crystal Bridges is one of the most iconic places to visit in NWA and this is not a surprise because this museum is amazing. Throughout the year, many exquisite exhibits come through the museum and one of the best things about the museum is that it is FREE! CB isn’t just a place that houses art; Crystal Bridges also hosts some great parties! My friends and I love to go to their parties throughout the year, especially the Black Heart’s Ball on Valentine’s Day. The museum is always hosting some great and unique events that are open to the public!
  4. Galas – the unique thing about NWA is that we are surrounded by Walmart, and Walmart has brought a lot of suppliers/vendors into the community. With that comes a lot of events around charitable giving, which I absolutely love. Throughout the year, there are amazing galas that are thrown to honor multiple organizations. These galas typically include silent and live auctions, lots of mingling, learning more about giving back to the charitable causes, tips on how to improve communities, and dancing at the end of the night! Some of my favorite events/galas include Kiss A Pig, Cancer Challenge, Walk this Way, Color of Hope Gala, Moonlight Masquerade, and Mom And So Much More Fashion Show.
  5. Walton Arts Center/Theatre Squared – if you have a love for theatre, these are the places for you! Walton Arts Center always has a robust list of shows every year, including a lot of the traveling Broadway shows. Theatre Squared is a much smaller and intimate theatre that truly makes you feel like you are a part of the play. I highly recommend checking out both!
  6. My last and favorite part about the area is the PEOPLE! NWA has so much to offer, but it wouldn’t be the same without the amazing people and community! NWA is filled with such a unique and diverse group of individuals and the people are what make NWA as special as it is. NWA has so much offer, and I am glad I get to call it home. 


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