Moving to Bentonville, Best Decision ever!

WOW, Time really flies huh?

My daughter just turned 18 yesterday, that means we’ve been in Arkansas for 12.5 years !

I still vividly remember the day we came to America. Yes we are still in the same planet but you know when you are an immigrant, America’s smell is just different! The air, the sky, it seems different to me. It smells good, and the sky seems brighter and closer. Yep, so weird but in a good way!

The kids were excited that we’re moving in Mickey and Minnie Mouses’ country!

2011 of April, our first HIKE @ Slaughter Pen

Why Northwest Arkansas in all places? They often asked us.

Well, that’s because that’s where the opportunity presented itself. It’s one of husband’s company project was and where they sent him then my kids and I followed. We don’t know this state back home, we usually only know the NBA State Teams (or at least, “I” know). So when they told my husband he is going to ARKANSAS, we had to research about it. Some says, there’s nothing there but cows and fields, but we’re good with that. I thought I will be plowing fields as my first job in America and I was still excited about it. 🙂

When we arrived in Bentonville Arkansas, they were not wrong, there were so many fields and cows except they aren’t hiring somebody to plow. The surrounding is so peaceful, my husband was right when he said I am gonna love it here. We loved our 2 bedroom furnished apartment that we’re paying $550 per month at the time,(I know, crazy right?!), we loved our neighborhood and the schools! We enjoyed the parks when the kids were little, kids and I love biking in the greenway, while husband and friends mountain bikes, the hiking and camping spots, and the people were nothing like the ones we saw in movies (lol), the people here are very nice!

Fast forward to now, PEOPLE are still nice! There are a lot of people moved here from different states and a lot of improvements had happened in our little town. More schools and nicer parks being built, the hiking and camping areas are well maintained and has improved more, the Razorback Greenway has become more connected to each cities, more establishments to enjoy like AMAZEUM, Crystal Bridges, and more! But our most favorite is – the mountain bike trails! It has become so big in here that it became the “MOUNTAIN BIKING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD” !

Bentonville Bike Fest 2022
Bentonville Bike Fest 2022

Northwest Arkansas has so much to offer and as a local here, we couldn’t even keep up with all the actives you can do here! Whatever you love doing, either outdoors, indoors, arts, music, we have it all in our little town called BENTONVILLE!

Leave me a comment if you are to visit and have any questions, I’d be happy to help!

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